Merry meet, creatures.

Little Sidhe

A northern Faery Witchling thrown into the realm of the “real world”. She has a sturdy, foreign nose with soft, somewhat plump lips that can often be caught with laughter that infects. Her wide, deep brown eyes emit warmth and care. The dry frizz of her indigo painted hair falls over her shoulders to tickle the constellations of acne across her back. Her voluptuous frame bears golden brown skin during the days of sun and smooth pale skin during the days of snow. Standing at a mere five feet and armed with a pinch of sass, she is navigating her way through this mortal realm. This passionate young Fae answers to many names. But her own, is as unique as the witchy being she is. Her name, is Little Sidhe.

I started this blog as an attempt to motivate myself to write again. I chose a public platform in the hopes of getting back some constructive criticism, or even just different insights to my own musings. It would also be pretty neat to meet some kewl people along the way. I am hoping to find my content a meld of personal thoughts and experiences, and little fictional anecdotes.

So here’s to trying something new – a fresh bit of motivation!

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